You should consider two factors—the lifetime of the shingle and its appearance—in deciding what roofing materials to use. Because the curb appeal of your home is a large part of its value, the appearance of the shingles can have a significant impact, so choosing the right color and style of roofing material is extremely important. Depending on the shingle and the manufacturer, shingle warranties can range from 25 to 50 years. At Roof Surgeons, we only use 50 year shingles to stand up to the harsh Alberta climate.
An asphalt shingled roof can last anywhere between 18 to 20 years. While this seems counterintuitive when compared to the warranty period, climate and the weather conditions play a big part on your roof’s longevity and the warranty period. With the 50 year shingles that Roof Surgeons uses, you can expect your roof to last longer than the average life, and 25+ years is achievable with proper maintenance.
It is important to keep gutters free of debris and to clean leaves and other materials from around chimney flashing, vents, and valleys. Keep the roof clear of anything that might work its way under shingles or flashing and cause them to loosen. Trim trees whose branches might scrape or fall on the roof, and keep an eye on the condition of the roofing material as it ages.

Always pay attention to everything that comes in contact with your roof, and make sure you keep the gutters cleaned out and any other debris is removed from around the chimney flashings, vents, and any valleys in your roof. Make sure to clear away any materials that might work underneath a shingle and cause it to come loose. Keep tree branches trimmed back away from the roof, and inspect your roof’s condition as it ages.

If you have a standard shingle roof that’s approaching 20 years, you may need to start thinking about a new roof. If you don’t know the type of shingles used or the age of your roof, you should inspect the shingles for loss of granules (you’ll see sand-like material in your gutters), broken shingles, or any shingles that are curling around the edges.

If you have a leak in your roof, that’s usually a good indication that it needs fixed. The source of a leak isn’t always directly above where the water is leaking through a ceiling, however. When water leaks under shingles, it normally travels along the rafters and studs in your attic to the lowest point on the ceiling and comes through there. The discolored spots you see on your ceiling and walls could actually be some distance away from the source of the leak. If you’re not seeing water spots, even a musty smell can be a sign of a problem with your roof.

Signs of moisture appearing in the interior of your home may be due to a variety of reasons. Before making a decision about your roof, have it inspected by a roofing company with a reputation for being professional and trustworthy. A reliable company will inspect the roof, identify any problems, thoroughly explain your options, and disclose all costs before the job begins.

Since moisture in your home can actually be a result of many different issues, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor with a proven reputation for being fair, professional, and trustworthy. A trusted roofing inspector will visually inspect your roof to find the root cause of any problems and will sit down with you to explain in detail what your options are and what the associated costs of repair or replacement will be.

A roofing contract should carry both general liability insurance to cover any damage done to your home during the roofing process and workers’ compensation insurance to cover personal injury claims for injured workers. Adequate coverage levels of both policies should be renewed annual, so be certain to check the dates on the roofing company’s insurance certificates. Be aware that inadequate insurance coverage on the roofing contractor’s part may mean personal liability on your or your homeowner’s insurance company’s part.
Roof Surgeons takes many things into consideration before recommending the best shingle for your home, such as building use, weight loads, number of cuts in the roof, access, any foot traffic, cost, etc.
No, not necessarily. All our roofing quotes include an inspection of your attic to see what the true cause of a leak is and whether your attic is properly insulated. Once known, we can replace any actual leaks with new plywood and if necessary recommend an attic insulation be done to improve not only the heating efficiency of your home, but prolong the life of your new roof.
NO! Roof Surgeons specializes in home shingle replacement. If you are looking for a reputable commercial roofing contractor please call out offices and we would be happy to recommend one for you.
No. Our crews only remove as much roofing as they can replace in one day. The job and your house will be watertight at the end of each day.
Yes we can! After your roof is complete we will discuss options with you for regular maintenance.
It depends – but usually not. Sometimes if the leak can be localized to a certain section of roof with faulty flashing or small damage, just that section of roof can be repaired. But if you find you have an entire roof failure because of poor installation or subpar material, then a new roof needs to be installed.
Roofing is a professional trade, and it’s not a weekend warrior type of home improvement. There are many safety issues to understand as well as professional roofing techniques that must be followed. An untrained homeowner can cause more damage to himself or his or her home by attempting to roof without the proper knowledge, skills, tools, and safety equipment.

Things you can do to help maintain your roof and prolong its life is to inspect the roof at least twice a year to look for damaged, broken, cracked, or curling shingles and to keep your gutters cleaned of leaves and debris.

Unless you’re professionally trained, most DIY roofing projects result in more headaches and extensive, costly repairs, and are best left to a trained, experienced roofing contractor.

Pricing on roofing your home is based on many different factors – pitch, size, materials, necessary repairs, etc. This is why Roof Surgeons offers free estimates including an attic inspection so that we can create the most accurate quote for your home. Our prices are competitive and our work is top notch. Call us to schedule an estimate.
The right roofing company will be experienced, committed to quality, and have a trail of happy clients across the area. A quality contractor will always meet building codes and requirements and have strict standards for installers to adhere to. Make sure to get a detailed quote and research reviews & ratings from prior customers.

Look for a roofing contractor who is experienced and committed to quality, and one who has a stable of satisfied customers in your area. A quality roofing contractor is cognizant of building codes and other requirements and will have high quality standards that their installers must follow. Ensure that you get a detailed quote from any roofing contractor, and make sure to check reviews, ratings, and references from past customers.

There are many factors to consider when determining the timeframe of installing a new roof, such as the size and complexity of the project, the current weather and season, and whether your old roof needs removed completely. Barring any unforeseen issues discovered during reroofing, a small uncomplicated roof can be finished in a few days, while a large, multi-faceted roof with numerous problems can take up to several weeks to complete. Call Roof Surgeons today to get a better estimate on your particular roofing situation.