Robyn’e Garton


Pink Belts is an all women local roofing and construction company that prides itself on high quality products exceptional customer service. The founder of the company, Robyn’e Garton, has more than 23 years of experience in construction, renovation, property management, and real estate. In 2005, Robyn’e was recognized as one of the top ten property managers in Canada. She brings both a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity to her work.


I am from Quebec and am French, but also speak fluent English. I have lived in Alberta since February 2015. I tried many jobs before discovering that a hard working job was a perfect match for me. I worked for a high-class cosmetic company in Montreal as sales representative and at an insurance company as a sales representative. I started a little landscaping business and then worked for an artistic wood staircase company where I built and installed stairs. I finally found this amazing company, Pink Belts Roofing, that gives women a chance at a career that’s usually reserved only for men. Why do I love my new job? I like hard work and working outside. The days are faster paced, and we keep in shape.


My name is Tammy. Born and raised in Alberta, I grew up in the small town of Stony Plain.

I’m a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter, working in the construction industry for 7 years. I love working in the trades (especially roofing) because I’m outdoors and get my exercise in during the day!

People think because I’m girly and look like a Barbie doll that I don’t have a brain, or can’t work with tools. I love to prove individuals like that wrong. I simply show them that you can be a hard worker AND look good while doing it!


As a woman in the construction industry, I know the trials that women face in a male dominated field. I began working for a company building oil field accommodations when there were very few women working in the shop. I worked my way up to a foreman’s position, the first female foreman in a shop of over 300 people. Not only did I have to work twice as hard to prove myself, there was constant scrutiny from the “good old boys” who still believed that women shouldn’t be wearing tool belts.

Three of my uncles as well as my father are all in the roofing business, so it’s in my blood. Many people ask if it’s hard work…and it is, but it’s also very rewarding to be able to stand back, look at the finished product and know that it’s a job well done!


My name is Claire “Jimmie” James. I have been a business woman for a number of years.
Some family business, partnerships or sole proprietorship. I find great satisfaction and pride in being self employed. I have participated in a variety of construction jobs. Some paid, some volunteering. I try to engage regularly in learning new subjects and taking active involvement in what life has to offer. I was desiring a change in my life when some clients of mine referred me to Pink Belts Roofing. I wanted the opportunity to work with like-minded, empowering women. That’s Robyne! That’s the Pink Belt ladies. It’s been a great journey so far.


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I am a twenty-five year old single mother of a handsome four year old boy. Growing up I was taught that jobs in construction like roofing were meant for men that women are just not built for it. Meeting Robyn opened my eyes – I never imagined getting such an opportunity to learn something I never knew I had the capability of doing. Knowing now I can succeed in roofing and finish the job effectively just like anybody else gives me strength, motivation and belief that I can do anything I set my mind to, even being able to shingle my own roof one day! Family is most important to me and I feel that I have found that with Pink Belts.


Growing up in Edmonton With 3 big brothers and a jack of all trades father I’m always eager to learn new things and help on projects. From yard work around my naiborhood as young as 10, to working with my fiancée to shingle on 4 story buildings starting age 17. I have a passion for roofing and over the past 6 years I’ve gotten quicker and my knowledge in the industry is growing . I’m farm girl strong and love a hard days work, pride and respect go into my work.


I am a thirty-something year old mother of two amazing twin girls and know what it is to struggle. Though my life has taken difficult turns, I am a resilient woman who has never given up. As a “Journeyman Scaffolder” of fifteen years, I started at 16 and have never looked back. I have been recognized as a top tradeswoman for doing the most dangerous and extreme jobs. After hearing about Robyne and her Pink Belts Roofing Company, I loved what She stands for and was excited to join the team of hard-working women, who like myself, do professional and quality work. I love where this journey is heading.


Hi my name is Tara. I’am a single mother of two beautiful children. Son Cassius (8), Daughter Aja (7). I love the outdoors (camping, fishing, quadding, hunting, and etc). I always worked in the construction era for work wise. I like physical work. Makes the day go faster. I follow a lot in my Dad’s footsteps. He is a roofer/certified auto/heavy duty mechanic as well. Hard working and dedicated. I jumped ship with Robyne on Pink Belts. Loved the idea of a all females. Who say’s we can’t do what men do, we just do it better and prettier! Pink Belts is very family orientated and I love that persona. Everyone I have met is awesome and can’t wait make more memories with the company.


Eight years ago I left university due to growing debt and stress . I wanted to provide a decent quality of life for my kids and make memories instead of struggle.  In order to make ends meet as a single mom, I learned to do things myself around the house.  This is when I realized that I enjoyed working with my hands. I have worked the last 8 years in landscaping and arboriculture. Pink Belts gives me the flexibility to be there for my kids while still paying the bills and the time to further my education in the trades.


I am proud to be a woman working a trade. I began my career in welding about 10 years ago, and recently decided to learn something new and acquire another skill set. This is my first year as a roofer, and I am really looking forward to working with these amazing women.

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