Choose Roof Surgeons as Your Trusted Business Advisor

With over 25 years of experience in construction, renovation, property management, and real estate, you get the vast expertise of experts who deal on a day-to-day basis with property managers, home owner associations (HOAs), and managers of multi-family properties, apartments and condos.

You also get a trusted business advisor who understands the concerns facing today’s property managers. At Roof Surgeons, we’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers to help them extend the roof life of their various properties. When you contract with Roof Surgeons for regular maintenance and repairs, you maximize your property valuation.

Protect Your Investment in Property With Qualified Roofing Contractors

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  • Roof Surgeons works with property managers from a wide range of commercial and residential buildings, and we have comprehensive experience in helping maintain your investments. We understand the issues you face, and have an excellent turn-around time from initial contact to project completion. Roof Surgeons provides 24 hour service for:
    • Routine maintenance, inspection and repairs
    • Emergency repairs
    • Storm damage
    • Replacement
    • Soffits and fascia
    • Wood work

Benefits of Retaining a Property Management Roofing Contractor

You can eliminate the need for costly repairs by implementing a prevention program with Roof Surgeons to inspect and maintain your properties on a regular basis. Not only will this have an impact on your bottom line, but keeping your tenants happy with a fully maintained and repaired building generates a lot of goodwill. Word of mouth about your well-maintained properties is the best advertising you can have.

Another huge benefit is being able to budget your repairs and maintenance with Roof Surgeons in a cost-effective manner that fits your budget and expectations perfectly. We customize a plan to meet both of these needs and provide semi-annual inspections with an accompanying report on your roof’s conditions and needs. This makes it easy for you to plan and control annual maintenance costs on your properties.

How it woks

  • Roof Surgeons wants to be your trusted roofing advisor. We customize our property management process to meet your needs and expectations in the quickest way possible.
  • Robyn’e Garton, owner and founder of Roof Surgeons, is the main contact for all property management clients. She focuses her time and efforts on ensuring that you get the level and quality of roofing services you want.
  • Robyn’e comes to your property management board meetings with a detailed plan covering the specifics of Roof Surgeons’ process for maintaining all of your properties. She fosters an open discussion with your board members through:

    • Showing the cost savings and benefits of a managed roofing contract
    • Determining any potential roofing problems that need managed before they become a crisis
    • Discussing plans to maintain your properties’ roofs over the next several years
    • Answering any questions about Roof Surgeons’ maintenance process or any future considerations